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The Innovation Management Research Institute™ (IMRI) was founded in 2016 by Louis Bouwer to serve as a platform to fund contract research, promote consulting opportunities and share the Capabilities-Driven Innovation Management™ framework.

The vision and purpose for IMRI is to develop a roadmap that can guide corporations, firms, SMEs, startups, universities, clusters, industries and governments to manage innovation sustainably in a predictive manner as a business function.

The problem many companies experience is that innovation management is not yet an exact, standardized management science as in the case with accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, operations, sales, strategy or even entrepreneurship where one can obtain a MBA specialization degree. It is true that an overload of very specific and highly specialized theories and tools already exist to assist new product development (NPD) processes to support innovation, but not how to align the complex multi-dimensional corporate innovation system as an integrated business function. This explains why so many companies mainly still only focus on ideation and inventions, and then hope for a miracle. Therefore, many companies still face the challenge in implementing innovation management as a business function.

In addition, the next challenge for companies is to decide which of the many theories, methodologies or tools to apply within their specific culture, business model or even within their industry context. To add another dimension of complexity is the digitization of innovation management and business model activities to automate and optimize the processes within the innovation ecosystem and within their solution offerings respectively. Thus, there are many dimensions and variables that need to be considered within the context of the company.

As a solution, IMRI is neither a pure research institute nor a pure consulting firm. We define ourselves as an innovation management Contract Research and Consulting (ReCon) institute. This means we first research the many options innovation management science published and then make sure it fits within the context of your organization's innovation ecosystem.

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"Innovation as a theory is very mature concept.
The emergence of innovation as a competency is still on the positive slope of the hyper curve."
- Jeffery Phillips


Louis Bouwer

Louis Bouwer

Louis Bouwer spent five years within Technology Transfer Offices at research institutions where he focused on innovation intelligence and Intellectual Property (IP). After 3 years' pre-PhD background research in innovation management, he developed and published the "Capabilities-Driven Innovation Management" framework at the International Association for Management of Technology conference (IAMOT 2015).

He brings 13 years’ (from a total of 19 years) corporate experience from California, USA, where he worked within world leading software technology innovation multinational global corporations (such as IBM, SIEMENS, UEI, Microsoft) and an academic research institution (Caltech). Obtained a M.Ing. engineering management degree wtih Cum Laude and completed the Technology Management and Marketing executive program at Caltech. Holds US and ZA dual citizenship.

Bettina von Stamm

Bettina von Stamm

Wanting to understand has always been a main driver for Dr Bettina von Stamm. After completing her MBA in 1992 this passion was channeled into the field of innovation, and deepened further when she returned to London Business School to do her PhD titled: "Understanding the effects of context and complexity in new product development" (1994 - 1998).

Ever since initially being infected with the innovation bug, Dr Bettina has shared her passion for innovation throughout the world in a variety of ways, including: speaking at conferences and corporate events, designing and delivering workshops and other events around the topic of innovation, teaching post graduate courses on the management of and leadership for innovation.

She founded the Innovation Leadership Forum (ILF) Networking Group where she addresses individuals and teams who are responsible for improving their organization's innovation performance.

Consulting Services

Innovation Management

• Does your company have growth as a key strategic driver and need to implement innovation management as a business function?

IMRI apply their Capabilities-Driven Innovation ManagementTM framework to assist companies with the development and implementation of their innovation management business function.

Inno Leadership Forum & The Growth Engine

Implement Digital Enablers for
Innovation Ecosystems

• Does your company have the appropriate digital enablers for DevOps productivity and intelligence to increase innovation success rates and throughput?

IMRI constantly monitor and evaluate the latest digital enabling tools and platforms to advise your company on various applications and options.

Idea Nation, innovation support & SAP

Executive Couching and Education
on Innovation Management

• Does your executive team have a common understanding what innovation is and how it should be managed?

IMRI provides customized and tailored educational workshops on innovation management.

Innovation Intelligence, Value, and
Diffusion Strategy Development

• Does your company have a solid innovation intelligence capability?
• Do you fully understand your market or industry to build a technology innovation strategy?

IMRI can assist to aggregate data, curate informatics, connect intelligence and share insights with the development of an innovation strategy.

Applied Design Science & Flightmap

Implement Digital Platforms for
Innovation Clusters

• Do you need to develop a technology innovation cluster?

IMRI understands that for many companies to growh, they need to collaborate with their technology innovation cluster inhabitants.

Measure Innovation Management Capabilities

• Does your company know the current status of it’s innovation management capabilities?

IMRI partnered with the Innovation Leadership Forum (ILF) to make use of their Innovation WaveⓇ to measure the current state of innovation management capabilities.

Innovation Wave

Contract Research

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Corporate Executive Commitment to Innovation Management 2013 - 2015

The current problem many corporations, SMEs or startups face, the commitment to implement innovation management as a corporate function.

Innovation Intelligence, Value and
Diffusion Strategy Management

The integration of some historically important technology innovation theories that can be used with Innovation Intelligence Analytics before the "Frontend of Innovation" (FEI) phase traditionally starts with ideation.

Digitization of Corporate
Innovation Ecosystems

Digitization of innovation is a minimum requirement to be competitive. Innovation activities must be automated and optimized with many new advanced digital enablers to increase alignment, integration, intelligence, networking, communications, collaboration, coordination, throughput, productivity and ultimately success rates.

Capabilities-Driven Innovation Management™ Framework

This research identified 14 crucial inter-connected innovation management capabilities, to serve as an architect plan, which is required for a corporate innovation management function to be able to align and integrate the complex and multi-dimensional innovation capabilities. Read more here ...

Digital Platforms for Regional Innovation Cluster Ecosystems

The development of a digital transformational platform to align, integrate and grow future biopharmaceutical technology innovation clusters that can become regional industries that can deliver as an outcome, globally competitive multi-national corporations.

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